Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome to Chinchilling!

Hello everyone! The name's Zumi. I was just hangin' out in my pad, chewing on some hay and running on my wheel and all that, and I got to thinking, ya know? I thought the internet needs more chinchilla blogs. We chinchillas are totally underrepresented on the net. So here I am. I'll be your guide and I'll be writing all sorts of fun stuff about chinchilla care for you humans and chinchilla toys for you to buy for your favorite chins. Squee!


Unknown said...

My Chinchilla loves having a board close to the roof of her cage so she can lie on her back with her feet touching the ceiling. She wont lie on her back any other way.

Heres a cool Chinchilla soundboard, you should put it on this site.

Ive been bugging my Chinchilla with it lol.

clar said...

Nice article.Keep posting!