Monday, May 14, 2007

CHIN 101: Intro to Chinchillas

For those of you out there who've never been exposed to the adorableness that is the chinchilla, here are some quick factoids you might want read up on. If you don't have a chin, maybe then you'll decide you'd like to get (i.e. ADOPT) one!

  • Chinchillas are originally from the Andes in South America. They're used to a dry environment where they've got to hop around on rocks and cliffs. So, keep your chin dry and give her room to jump around!
  • Chins were once hunted for their fur because they have more hairs per follicle than any other creature. It's sad that people still raise them for their fur, but it's good for chin owners because we're so soft! Pet me, please!
  • Chinchillas can live together with another chin of the same sex as long as they get along. I live alone in my pad, but that's okay because Janna plays with me enough so I don't get lonely.
  • We chins aren't entirely domesticated, so we're not real fond of being held and snuggled like a guinea pig or rabbit would be. You can get us to like snuggling sometimes, depending on our personalities, but most chins prefer a nice scratch behind the ears to a hug. At least, that's what I like!
If you have any other questions about chin life, don't be afraid to ask! I'm always open for questions. Leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Zumi-chin OUT!

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Chinchilla lover said...

We have found that one thing they love is to have a large flat rock or a piece of that fake rock that is used on fireplaces in their cage. He likes to sit on it and scratch it, maybe this is how he trims his toe nails.