Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food time!

Hey everyone! I'm just chinchillin' here, munching on some timothy hay. Chinchillas love the stuff, not to mention we need it! Here are a few guidelines for chin nutrition:

  • Chinchillas need timothy hay on a daily basis.
  • We should also have access to high-quality pellet food. Pellet food shouldn't have contain tons and tons of seeds and extra snacks. Just plain pellets are best. We might like the treats better but they just aren't as good for us!
  • Occasional treats are just fine, of course. We LOVE raisins. Fresh fruits and veggies are also okay.
  • Fresh WATER! Preferably in a water bottle. A dish is too messy.
As treats go, chins enjoy fresh and dried fruits and veggies as well as some cereals. Low sugar cereals like Cheerios, Wheaties, bran flakes, and anything else made of whole grains and with a low sugar content will do. Raisins are often the favorite but don't feel like that's all you can give us! We enjoy a wide variety of treats.

Though personally, I'm a hay-loving chin. I can't get enough of the stuff!


gamaray18 said...

Just so you know, FRESH fruits and veggies are NOT okay. They contain too much water and cause diarrhea in chins. You don't want sick chinnies! Occasional dried fruit is ok, just not every day. :D

Sherie said...

How safe/good is Mazuri pellet food for chins?