Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Fun Chinchilla Facts

Hey everyone! I thought of more fun facts about chinchillas, so I thought I'd make up another post and add them.

  • When frightened, we have two forms of defense: hair loss and peeing. If you grab a chinchilla and they become frightened, their hair will come out so you lose your grip. Another way of defending against an enemy is to spray urine. This doesn't often happen to humans but be careful!
  • Chinchillas are sensitive. We need the temperature of our rooms to be around 75 degrees with low humidity otherwise we don't feel good.
  • Chinchillas LOVE raisins, but limit raisins to only one a day. Otherwise it's too much sugar. Imagine the size of that raisin compared to me! It's like a football!!
  • When you let your chinchilla run around the room, you've got to chin-proof everything. For more on chin-proofing so you can have a safe environment for your chinchilla, keep reading Chinchilling and I'll be posting soon on this ever so important topic!!
Again, post comments and leave me questions. I'd love to answer them.


Brian said...

Are you sure about that temperature? A friend who owns a Chin told me they like considerably cooler weather, and 75 would be bordering on very uncomfortable heat.

Madison said...

Yeah I have a chinchilla named Indy and she likes being cool because they are from the Andes Mts and they live between cool rocks in their natural habitat.

John Evans said...

There are even more chinchilla facts here!